BSD Mandatory Reporters

Below you will find names for all of the Designated Employees (DEs) from the Burlington School District. DEs are the professionals in each school that are available to answer any and all questions, concerns, and issues regarding bullying and harassment. They also report incidents regarding those issues, so feel free to speak with them if you would like to make a report.


Burlington School District – Designated Employees


Burlington High School | (802)864-8411

Herb Perez:

Amy Mellencamp:

Patty Wesley:

Ben Johnson:


Burlington Technical Center | (802)864-8426

Lise Bruder:

Jane Donahue-Holt:


Champlain Elementary School | (802)864-8477

Karen Prouty:

Maria Horton:


Early Education | (802)864-8463

Diana Langston:

Stacie Curtis:


Edmunds Elementary School | (802)864-8473

Melissa Hathaway:

Steven Enfanto:

Shelly Mathias:


Edmunds Middle School | (802)864-8473

Pat Hulburt:

Katherine Grykien:


J.J Flynn Elementary School | (802)864-8478

Graham Clarke:

Liane Couture:


Lyman C. Hunt Middle School | (802)864-8469

Kathy Stergas:

Rich Amato:


Integrated Arts Academy | (802)864-8475

Meredith Hoisington:

Louise Mongeon:


OnTop & Horizons

Tom Emery:

Paul Adams:

Jada Payea:

Jason Reed:

Lynn Kennedy:


Sustainability Academy | (802)864-8480

Karen Quinn:

Lashawn Whitmore-Sells:


Smith Elementary | (802)864-8479

Kate Guilmette:

Thom Fleury: