Although many people know what the word consent means, the actual concept of it is important to know and understand whether you’re in a relationship or not. In regards to sexual activity, to give consent means to communicate that the activity about to occur is something that both partners want to happen. It is a mutual agreement that both partners are comfortable and are expressing what they want. Some ways that partners can communicate with each other to express their consent is to ask if the other is okay, comfortable or if they want to slow down or go any further (“What is Consent?,” 2013). A huge part of consent is openly discussing each step of the process rather than assuming that the other one is comfortable with something without asking them first. For example, just because someone may not have said no, it doesn’t mean that they said yes. It’s important to have that agreement whether your partner and you are just kissing, or engaging in sexual activity.

Even in healthy relationships, consent is something that should be granted every time. Just because two people are in a relationship doesn’t mean that one person should assume their partner wants to have sex and if consent is given in one situation, it doesn’t mean that they’re consenting for anytime in the future. Also, someone can decide to stop the activity at any time even if they already gave their consent. Everyone has control over their own body and they have the right to be comfortable in any given situation regardless of what may have happened in the past (“What is Consent?,” 2013).



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