Healthy Relationships

Sometimes there seems to be a misconception that healthy relationships are easy and don’t take any work, so it’s common that people stay in a relationship because it “seems” to be working. However, although the work that two people put into a relationship shouldn’t be necessarily exhausting or burdensome, in a healthy relationship conflicts can arise as the partners are different people with different needs. It is all about how the conflict is handled, which should be with respect and mutual understandings. An argument with a partner shouldn’t turn into a contest on who can hurt their partner’s feelings more, or who can say the most hurtful things. Sometimes disagreements can actually be important to a relationship because it shows that each partner still has their own beliefs and values and aren’t just agreeing with their partner to avoid a conversation. So, when an argument comes up in your relationship, be sure that both of you are listening to one another, try to understand the other person’s side, and try and find a way to fix the problem together rather than separately. It’s not always easy to see the other side of something you believe you’re right about, but in the end understanding one another will make your relationship much stronger. Below we have put together some resources for you on how to maintain a healthy relationship and what one looks like.

Trust & Communication