Victim Services

How to Make a Report

There are a couple ways that an individual can initiate a report. The first way is to call the local police department that has jurisdiction in their town/city. These police agencies will take the report and do an initial evaluation of the circumstances. If the incident meets pre-established criteria then it will be forwarded to CUSI for further investigation. Most departments have officers who have been trained as First Responders by CUSI personnel. This means the officer has been taught additional skills to utilize when dealing with cases of sexual abuse. This method is the preferred method for reporting an incident of sexual abuse.

While we encourage citizens to use their local law enforcement as an initial contact we will not turn individuals away. Therefore, a second option, if needed, is to contact CUSI directly. Detectives will speak with complainants and gather the basic information. However, there are times when the case fails to meet the criteria established between CUSI and the towns/cities it serves. When this occurs the individual may be re-directed back to their local police department. We frown upon taking this action, but it does happen. We do not wish to cause the complainant any further inconvenience, thus we prefer you call your local law enforcement first.

CUSI is a resource for local law enforcement and its citizenry. At a minimal an individual should feel free to call the CUSI office with any questions or concerns that they may have. By calling you are not obligated to make a report. We are victim oriented and we will try to assist you by providing information and options. Ultimately

Each victim comes to CUSI with a unique set of needs. Through referrals and the efforts of our Victim’s Advocate, the physical, mental, and emotional needs of victims can be addressed through the services provided by CUSI as well as our partners. If you are seeking help for a specific cause, please do not hesitate to contact the resources listed below.