Warning Signs

Below is a compilation of some warning signs that you may be a victim of dating violence, categorized into the type of abuse you may be experiencing adapted from Victims of Crime’s “Bulletin for Teens.” If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to contact the numbers listed in the previous page.

Controlling Behaviors:

  • Constantly calling or texting you to find our where you are, what you’re doing, and who you’re with
  • Telling you what to wear
  • Isolating you from friends, family and coworkers
  • Needing to be with you all the time to “keep tabs” on you
  • Using jealousy to justify their behavior

Verbal & Emotional Abuse:

  • Calling you names
  • Being overly jealous
  • Belittling you
  • Threatening to hurt you, a family or friend, or themselves if you don’t do what they want
  • Humiliating you in front of family or friends

Physical Abuse:

  • Shoving
  • Punching
  • Slapping
  • Pinching
  • Hitting
  • Kicking
  • Hair pulling
  • Strangling
  • Destruction of property

Sexual Abuse:

  • Unwanted touching and/or kissing
  • Forcing you to have sex or perform other sexual acts against your will
  • Not letting you use birth control or other contraceptives

According to the Michigan Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention and Treatment Board, “At the beginning stages of the dating relationship, these behaviors may not be apparent or the use of them is so subtle that they may be mistaken for the abuser’s caring and concern. For example, the abuser may suggest that the couple spend all their time together because when they are apart, they will miss each other. If the victim spends time with other friends, the abuser may appear to be sad or disappointed. As the relationship becomes more involved, the abuser may gradually escalate the use of these behaviors to include severe jealousy, which is not a sign of love as many in our society believe,” (“Michigan Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention and Treatment Board,” 2016).



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